आज मैंने आसमान के कागज़ को
दो हिस्सों मैं कर दिया |
एक मैं तुम्हारा नाम लिखा
और दुसरे में मेरा ||

फिर उनकी दो कश्तियाँ बनाकर
मैंने समन्दर मैं छोड़ दी |
सोचा था की क्षितिज पर पहुँचकर
उसकी ठंडक बन तुम्हारे सीने मैं समा जाउँगी ||

शायद हम फिर मिलते किसी बेनाम किनारे पे
सफ़ेद लाइटहाउस के नीचे रेत पर अपना नाम लिखते |
तुम अपने जिस्म को धूप छूने देते
और मैं अपनी महक को तुमसे मिलने देती ||

पर किसको पता था की आसमान भी
लहरों में घुल जाएगा ?
कि समन्दर की गहराई में भी एक रियासत है
जहाँ डूबी कश्तियाँ गीत गातीं हैं ?

वो कहैंगे दो लाशें मिली हैं मछुआरे के जाल में |
तुम मत घबराना ! हम आसमान के बने हैं |
घुल के , डूब के , फिर मिल जाएंगे |
बादल बन पूरी धरती पर गिर जाएंगे ||

Today, I ripped a sheet of the sky
Into two equal halves.
Wrote down your name on the first
And mine on the second.

Having folded them into two boats
I let them drift into the sea.
Thinking that upon the horizon
I will breathe its coolness into you.

Maybe we would meet again on some nameless shore
Under a lighthouse etch our names into sand.
You let the sun touch your skin
And I let my essence reside in you.

But who could have known that the sky
Would be dissolved by the waves?
That in the depths of the seas is a kingdom
Where the wreckage of ships are free to sing?

They will say a fisherman has caught two corpses in his net.
Beloved, fear not ! We are made of the sky
Dissolved, drowned, we will meet again
And become clouds to descend upon the Earth again.

Image credit : Wikipedia ( may be subject to copyright )

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  1. Reading your posts, I felt happy that I found it and now after reading this one I’m even happier for it led me discover in you that same admiration towards Amrita Pritam and her works that I have. Really, loved your translation!

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    1. arhanak says:

      I dont really write much in Hindi. But having read so much of Amrita Pritam, I attempted an imitation of her style. Glad you loved it. I love Amrita Pritam; her words always speak to my heart; she makes me sad, but hopeful that love is something we can live by, that love can see us through….

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love how elaborate your words are. You’re truly talented in painting a picture.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. arhanak says:

      Thank you !

      Liked by 1 person

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