Concrete Eyes


( What follows was written after 16th of December, 2012. Nirbhaya. Fearless. )

Shall you rise to the Dawn of Fall
Or let it sweep you in your sleep?
I wonder if the Fall shall break your sleep and awaken your concrete eyes to the dream of deception you weaved for want of burying your soul.

Words have no meanings and love no mysteries.
No knowledge of ages, wisdom of wise, lives of martyrs and graves of the undead.
All and all you seek to sow and reap to grow from an innocent smile to a harlot’s disguise.

Tell those who missed this fateful day
I watched Her weep in dismay.
They ravaged her to ruins – brick by brick unbuilding, bit by bit undoing.

I sat by the Devil and watched an Angel cry
For Gods forged love to cure hatred but for indifference phrased a lie.
Populations of the perpetuated lie now feast upon the decaying souls of the one that Fell, for that is what they sought and that is what they shall redeem.

The promised Purge – a holocaust; the Miracle – a gambler’s trick.
So sing no hymns for the Dawn has come, so burn your soul for the times you failed to hold her,
So Fall forever for you strangled her in the womb.

Life has made made demons of us all and tricked our hearts into believing.
She whispers like the wind that carries gloom to the heart that awaits her lover.
She lies shackled to the dreams of her childhood and the lies of the foundations of our world.

Release us, O Divine, before we rise to the Dawn of Fall.


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