Let us pretend that we are wiser now
Than we once were.
An age where we raised castles of sand
And giggled as the sun set on our days.
Now, wiser with time and impassioned with skill,
We build our world on a hill of waste
That fumes of our toxic apathy
To the wails of barren nests.

Amidst these towers of glass and gloom
Where is the room for irises
That the first children of Earth
Had retrieved from the depths of seas?
Perhaps the human soul is done
With warmth. And seeks to torch
The humble homes Oak and Pine
Where creatures of better souls reside.

What is the core of human mind:
Love, Hate, Compassion, Desire?
Are we the infant that poisons the breast it suckles
So we may succour lies
Of humans robbing Nature’s mines?
Where is the heart of our kind?
Has the concrete sapped it dry?
Or our Medusan gaze turned it to stone?

Perhaps the age where birds did sing
Joyous songs at dawn has passed.
The darkness of our deeds has enslaved
Unborn children to dirges of doom.
Lets pretend one last time
That our dungeons of gold can save
Our souls when the sun bakes
Our home to coal.

And if, at last, we shall perish,
Will my words lose meaning too?



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